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Use Instagram in a mindful way.

Mindfulgram is a browser extension that allows you to use Instagram in a mindful way, by removing the addictive content consuming aspects, and just leaving the useful aspects.


Many of us have often found ourselves endlessly scrolling through apps, like zombies, at the mercy of addictive products. At this point, we are aware of what's going on. Apps are marketed as "free", yet consume our most valuable asset, our time. Think about how many hours you spend on these apps and websites, and multiply that by what 1 hour of your time is worth.

Don't want to do the math? Try our handy calculator below ↓, we gotchu.
Your weekly hours spent on apps / sitesYour hourly rate ($)The cost of your usage in 1 year

Obviously distractions are beyond just apps and websites, but Mindfulgram is here to help your Instagram usage. Instagram is a great tool, we love Instagram. However, it comes with addictive features. Mindfulgram takes out the toxic aspects, and leaves Instagram as the simple useful tool it was from the beginning.


Hide Instagram suggested posts

We follow who we follow for a reason. Let's keep things simple and intentional. No more continuous scrolling on irrelevant posts.

Mindfulgram hides suggested posts on your feed from people you do not follow.

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Hide Instagram explore page

The explore page is filled with content which is made to keep you stuck to your screen, like a zombie. If you really want to explore, you will go out and explore yourself.

Mindfulgram hides the explore page.

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Hide Instagram reels

The reels page is pretty much just the explore page, but for reels, and for reals more addictive. It can led to those same endless scrolling sessions that has made TikTok so addictive.

Mindfulgram hides the reels page.

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Hide Instagram stories

If something is worthy of being shared and consumed, it will end up as a post on our feed. Everything else is just extra. No offense.

Mindfulgram hides stories.

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Hide Instagram comments

The Instagram comment section can be a toxic place, even if you are a positive person, negative energy can still have a subliminal negative affect. Let's clear it out.

Mindfulgram hides comments.

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Mobile app


Mindfulgram iOS app on App Store (Coming Soon)


Mindfulgram Android app on Play Store (Coming Soon)

Desktop browser extension


Mindfulgram Chrome extension on Chrome Web Store (Coming Soon)


Mindfulgram Safari extension on App Store (Coming Soon)


Mindfulgram Firefox extension on Firefox Add-ons Store (Coming Soon)


Mindfulgram Edge extension on Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store (Coming Soon)


Mindfulgram Arc boost on Arcboosts

Browser userscript

Mindfulgram userscript on Greasy Fork